Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017)

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Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017)

Ana, mon amour (2017)

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Toma and Ana meet as students in the literature faculty, and quickly fall in love. But, because of Ana's mental illness, their relationship slowly collapses.

The Double Lover (2017)

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L'Amant Double (2017)

Suite 313 (2017)

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Special Agent Alexander Connor is sent to investigate a house, from which a woman named Sandra has made numerous 911 calls...

Kepler's Dream (2016)

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An 11 year old girl searches for a missing rare book from her grandmother's (Holland Taylor) library...

Bonne Pomme (2017)

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Bonne Pomme (2017)

Biser Bojane (2017)

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Biser Bojane (2017)

Daybreak (2017)

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Leta has not been able to pay the rent for several months. When she and her one-year-old son are thrown out of their apartment...

Frozen 2 (2017)

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Plot unknown. This is the sequel to Disney's 2013 animated feature film, 'Frozen'.

Hakkunde (2017)

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Escaping the Dead (2017)

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Escaping the Dead (2017)

Prank Week (2017)

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A campus urban legend myth comes true when fraternity brothers start to get killed off one by one by the infamous serial killer who used to live in the fraternity house 25 years ago.

Man with Van (2017)

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An upright electrician bumbles into arson to provide for his daughter, but a lethal accident pits him against his best friend and their sociopathic white collar boss.

Canaries (2017)

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The first wave of an alien invasion coincides with a New Years Eve party in a Welsh valley.

The Unknown Soldier (2017)

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A film adaptation of Väinö Linna's best selling novel The Unknown Soldier (1954) and the novel's unedited manuscript version, Sotaromaani.

Napapiirin sankarit 3 (2017)

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Napapiirin sankarit 3 (2017)

Just a Friend (2017)

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This is a story of a man and a woman who try to defy the odds and prove to everyone that men and women can be just friends. Sounds simple enough; yet it becomes one of the most complicated journeys of all time for the two friends.

Incontrol (2017)

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Incontrol follows a group of university students who discover a device that allows them to take control of others...

No More Mr Nice Guy (2017)

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No More Mr Nice Guy (2017)

The Choir Director (2017)

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Bishop T.K. Wilson has done all he can to make First Jamaica Ministries a success, but after his first choir director is caught in a scandal, attendance and cash flow are down. The Bishop is counting on a new choir director to revive the church. Little does he know, this decision may also put his job as the Bishop, as well as his family, in jeopardy.

La vie de château (2017)

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La vie de château (2017)

Our Evil (2017)

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A man with spiritualist powers is told by his mentor that a demonic entity is returning to destroy his daughter's soul, and that he should take drastic measures to prevent this from happening.

Where the Skin Lies (2017)

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Six people bound together by a traumatic experience decide to round off a year of group therapy in style...

Vico C: La Vida Del Filósofo (2017)

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The life of a young rapper in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the events that took place on a Friday, October 13 when he and his friends had to fight Jason Vorhees.